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Forgery of Government Instrument

Client was charged with Forgery of Government Instrument because he happened to get a fake 100 bill and used it to pay at Jack in the Box.  He waited for 1/2 an hour to get his change.  After a while he got creeped out and left.  The client was pulled... (more...)

Not Guilty – DWI

I just completed a DWI trial for a client, which involved a minor accident. There were two bottles of liquor found in the vehicle and an 18 pack of beer in the trunk with only one beer left. There was no breath or blood test in this case. After a year... (more...)

False Report – Dismissed

I got a false report to a police officer dismissed today in Texas v. K.K. Happy for the client and proud that the prosecutor did the right thing.  Read More →

3 Dismissals, 1 Day

Today I walked away with three Possession of Marijuana Dismissals for three different clients in the following cases: State v. J.H. State v. D.A. State v. D.D. Congrats to the clients on getting their lives back.  Read More →

5 Common Mistakes When Facing DWI Charges

Being arrested and detained for intoxicated driving is a serious matter that requires your utmost attention and care. This offense could seriously affect your life in irreparable ways and follow you for years to come. Rather than succumb to the numerous... (more...)

DWI Dismissed K.C. v Texas

Today, I was successful in getting another DWI dismissed. The client was a 20-year-old young lady who had both alcohol and marijuana in her system. Fortunately, I was able to show that the arresting officer did not have probable cause to pull her over.  Read More →

Criminal Mischief – Dismissed

Yesterday, I was able to get a criminal mischief dismissed for one of our clients in Montgomery County. I am happy that they got their life back.  Read More →