5 Common Mistakes When Facing DWI Charges

Being arrested and detained for intoxicated driving is a serious matter that requires your utmost attention and care. This offense could seriously affect your life in irreparable ways and follow you for years to come. Rather than succumb to the numerous dire possibilities that could await you, you can protect your future and return to your normal life as soon as possible by avoiding these five common mistakes that many people make when facing DWI charges.

Not Hiring a DWI Attorney Immediately
Before you call your family or agree to any further testing or interrogation, you should immediately retain a DWI attorney to help you. The first 15 days can be the most critical in saving your license. When you have a lawyer by your side, you can avoid being unfairly charged and avoid being implicated on charges that may not apply to your situation at all. Your lawyer will know the current laws in Texas and be able to negotiate and advocate for you at the police station and in court.

Failing to Follow Bond Conditions
Once you make bond, some citizens charged with a DWI will have conditions of bond that may require installing an Interlock System on their vehicle and other such conditions. In fact in some counties and in certain cases, a person may be required to provide random drug tests and meet with a bond supervision officer. Failing to follow conditions of bond can cause your bond to be revoked and result in being jailed.

Driving on a Suspended License
Texas will try to suspend your license, even on a first DWI charge. If your license is suspended, you must avoid driving until you either get an occupational license or your license is reinstated. Driving on a suspended license will only result in more charges being added to your initial DWI charge, which can make your case even more complicated.

Assuming you are Guilty as Charged
Police officers often make mistakes when detaining people on DWI charges. You should not assume that you would automatically be found guilty merely because you were arrested for this offense. Your lawyer can closely scrutinize your test results, have your blood or urine sample re-tested at a third-party lab, and also determine if the police officer administered the field sobriety test correctly. These precautions could help prove your innocence and get the charges against you dropped.

Not Taking DWI Charges Seriously
Even if you believe that you are innocent, it is vital that you take the charges against you seriously. Just because you think that you may be guilty, there are specific requirements that must be obtained by the State in order to find you guilty. A good attorney will fight to find any and every issue with the State’s case and work those problems to your advantage.

These five common mistakes can undermine your life when you are facing DWI charges. By understanding and avoiding these pitfalls, you can act in your own defense and safeguard your future.

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