Theft the Variations and the Defense

Theft is the unlawful taking of the property of another without permission. There are several aspects of this charge that must be studied. Is there a video? If so, does it show an item being taken? Does it look like it was taken on purpose? Was there intent to take the item? Are there any witnesses? What did they see?

These factors apply to the various types and levels of theft. The only difference between Felony Theft and Misdemeanor Theft is the amount alleged to have been stolen. Robbery is the combination of Theft and Assault (force or threat of force). There is also Breaking Into a Motor Vehicle (BMV), which is breaking into a vehicle, usually to take something. Note that it can even be unlocked, and you can still be charged with BMV.


Each case is unique. I will discuss your case with you to determine what defenses are available. In the past, I was able to show that our client lacked the intent to steal. In addition, I have found that the state lacked the evidence needed to prove the guilt of the clients. I need to become familiar with your case to understand how to move forward with it.