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To have an invalid license, means that your license was suspended by DPS.  Driving with an invalid license with previous conviction is a Class B Misdemeanor.  It is also a Class B if your license is suspended and you do not have valid insurance.  Furthermore, it is a Class B, if it is suspended due to a DWI.

A Class B Misdemeanor carries a punishment range of up to $2,000 and up to 180 days in jail.

All for just having a suspended license.


Why is your license invalid? There are a number of reasons that your license may be suspended.

  • You have outstanding surcharges.
  • You received a DWI.
  • You have a past drug conviction.
  • You have a prior DWLI conviction.

These are just some of the reasons that your license may be suspended.


If your license is suspended, then there are some actions you might be able to take to make it valid again pretty quickly.  For example, if you are just behind on surcharges, you might be able to pay them or even get on a payment plan, which will make your license valid again.  Or, if you have a drug conviction,you might just need to take a DOEP class and turn in the certificate to DPS in Austin.

Unfortunately, sometimes, there is a suspension that is set for a period of time, regardless of what action you take today.  Meaning, even if you correct an issue, your license will not be valid until you reach a certain date.

If you would like to check your license eligibility and what, if any, action is need to correct your license, then just click HERE.


Aside from the fines, possible jail time, or even probation, there are far reaching consequences to getting a conviction on a Class B DWLI in the state of Texas.  A conviction on a Class B DWLI will:

  1. Cause your license to be suspended for up to one year.
  2. Cost you $250 per year for three years in additional surcharges.

If you find yourself fighting a DWLI, be careful.  It is not the easiest case to fight, but I have had success in these matters.